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330 S. Abel St Milpitas 95035

Hours: Mon-Thu 3pm-9pm; Fri 3pm-8pm




The School is one of the few facilities that specializes only in Music Education.  We are not affiliated with any retail music store.  The School opened in December of 1984 and is co-owned by Deborah Goldstein and Joe Santoro, who also serve on the Staff.


What We Teach  

We offer lessons on all of the basic musical instruments, including voice.  Instruction is available for the keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, drums, percussion, trumpet, flute, trombone, saxophone, baritone horn, clarinet, violin, viola, recorder and voice. We teach all styles of music including:  classical, jazz, rock, pop, country and blues. Since these are private lessons, they will be geared toward your needs and goals. 

You will learn proper technique and musicianship for your instrument.  You may discuss specific needs with your instructor at your first lesson.


About Our Teachers

Our staff consists of a group of music teaching specialists.  They are highly trained and qualified to assist you with your musical needs and goals.  Most of them hold degrees, as well as being active players and performers.  To view our staff roster click here:




We can arrange a consultation for you with most of our teachers.  You can meet the teacher in advance, and ask any questions.  After this consultation you can either register or leave without any obligation.  You will need to schedule this consultation through the office.



Before you can become a student, you must pay a $15 registration fee per student, as well as your first month's tuition.  Our monthly tuition is $150 per month, per student, per instrument.  This fee includes one 30 minute lesson per week, based on an average of 4 lessons per month.


What Else Is Offered?

The School, also, has a PERFORMANCE PROGRAM.  This is for students who wish to or have the potential to become performers.  The groups present community performances, including County Fairs, from April through October.  We have the following performance groups:  STUDIO BANDS, JAZZ ENSEMBLE, and VOCAL GROUPS.  For more information on these programs, call the office.  These performance groups have an additional tuition.

The School has several Student Concerts (recitals) per year.  These are held at the School in the Concert Hall.

Also, the annual Scholarship Concert, features some of our best musicians from the school through a very intense audition process.


General Policies

At your first lesson, your teacher will give you a copy of his or her general policy.  The policy deals with the following:  scheduling, make-up lessons, practicing, materials, etc.  You may need to sign a form at the end of the policy.  This is not a contract.  It merely states that you read and understand the policy.


What Ages Do We Accept?

Our students range in age from 5 1/2  up to adults.  We do not accept students under the age of 5 1/2.  All of our lessons are private. 


Who Is Elgible?

There are no prerequisites or auditions in order to be a student here at SBSMA.  We teach all levels.  Adult beginners are welcome!  When you decide to register we will read you the list of days and times available for lessons.  Once you have registered for a time you will need to bring in your registration fee and first month's tuition, or make other arrangements for payment.



Your teacher will tell you what materials you will need for your lessons.  Some of the materials may be available for purchase at the School.  If not, your teacher will instruct you as to where you may purchase them.


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