South Bay School of Music Arts Honors Program

Introduction to the Honors Program

The Honors Audition Process

We are very pleased to be able to bring to you this quality formal program on an annual basis. Here at the South Bay School of Music Arts we have a passion for the creative arts and provide high quality education and experience with a commitment to excellence.


Past Winners

Top Scorers
Sophia Wang 1986, Francine Richards 1987 & 1988, Maki Bando 1989 & 1990.

Smithback Winners
Aaron Goldstein 1991, Erwin Gonzalo 1992, Aaron Goldstein 1993, Daniel Goldstein 1994, Erwin Gonzalo 1995, Sherie Castillo 1996, Bendik Kleveland 1997, Joey Trombly 1998, Jennifer Bando 1999, Rie Onodera 2000, Sonia Bui 2001, Sonia Bui 2002, Sonia Bui 2003, Kelly Duong 2004, Nguyen La 2005, J.R. Imperial 2006, Martin Quintal 2007.

Hall of Fame
Aaron Goldstein, Maki Bando, Joel Aguilera, Sherie Castillo, Erwin Gonzalo, Kathryn Lallana, Jennifer Bando, Rie Onodera, Sheila Castillo, Sonia Bui,  Nguyen La, and Richard Nguyen.

2008 Caption Awards

2008 Performers
Sarah Benton, piccolo; Joshua Jacoby, snare drum; Brittany Huynh, piano; Anjali Menon, piano; Eric Pham, piano; Kyle Nguyen, piano; Peter Hoang, piano; Tyler VanValkenburg, piano; Linh Linh Mikutowicz, piano; Nicholas Nguyen, piano; Angela Chen, piano; Helvia Taina, piano.

(Now playing Chopin Prelude N. 20)


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