S  o  u  t  h    B  a  y    S  c  h  o  o  l    o f    M  u  s  i  c    A  r  t  s


A Sampling of Honors Audition Repetoire:



Sofeggietto   Bach, C.P.E.

Invention No. 4   Bach, J.S.

Invention No. 8   Bach, J.S.

Minuet in G   Bach, J.S.

Prelude No. 1 in C   Bach, J.S.

Prelude & Fugue No. 11   Bach, J.S.

Praeludium & Fuga in C minor   Bach, J.S.

Sinfonia N. 15   Bach, J.S.

Somewhere In Time   Barry

Allegro Barbaro   Bartok

Bagatelle Op. 6   Bartok

Sonatina   Bartok

Six Romanian Folk Dances   Bartok

Fur Elise   Beethoven

Minuetto  Beethoven

Rondo Op. 51, No. 1   Beethoven

Sonata (Moonlight) Op. 27, No.2   Beethoven

Sonata (Pathetique) Op. 13   Beethoven

Sonatina in G Op. 163   Beethoven

Sonatina Op. 49, No. 2   Beethoven

Intermezzo in A minor, No. 4   Brahms

Rhapsody No. 2 in G minor   Brahms

Curse of Love   Brickman

Ballade   Burgmuller

Ballade in G minor Op. 23   Chopin

Ballade in F   Chopin

Ballade in A Flat Major Op. 47   Chopin

Fantaisie-Impromptu in C Sharp minor   Chopin

Impromptu in A Flat Op. 90   Chopin

Minute Waltz   Chopin

Mazurka in B Flat Op. 7, No. 1   Chopin

Mazurka Op. 67, No. 2   Chopin

Nocturne Op. 9, No. 1   Chopin

Nocturne, Op. 10, No. 3   Chopin

Polonaise in G minor   Chopin

Polonaise Op. 40, No. 1   Chopin

Prelude No. 1 in A Major Op. 28   Chopin

Prelude No. 2 in A minor Op. 28   Chopin

Prelude No. 4 Op. 28   Chopin

Prelude No. 6 in B minor Op. 28   Chopin

Prelude No. 7 Op. 28   Chopin

Prelude No. 13 Op. 28   Chopin

Prelude No. 15 in D Flat, Op. 28   Chopin

Prelude No. 20 in C minor, Op 28   Chopin

Prelude No. 22 in G minor, Op 28  Chopin

Scherzo Op. 20   Chopin

Waltz in A minor Op. 34, No. 2   Chopin

Waltz in A Flat Major Op. 69, No. 1   Chopin

Waltz in E minor   Chopin

Sonata    Cimarosa

Prelude in D minor   Clementi

Sonatina Op. 36 No. 3   Clementi

Sonatina Op. 36 No. 4  Clementi

Arabesque No. 1   Debussy

Clar de Lune   Debussy

Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum   Debussy

Golliwog’s Cake-walk   Debussy

La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin   Debussy

The Little Shepherd   Debussy

Reverie   Debussy

Serenade   Debussy

Sonatina Op. 20, No. 1   Dussek

Spinning Song   Elmenreich

Prelude No. 2   Gershwin

Valse Chromatique, Op. 88   Godard

Elfin Dance Op. 12, No. 4   Grieg

Puck  Grieg

Allegro Scherzando   Haydn

Avalanche   Heller

Pine Apple Rag   Joplin

The Little Song   Kabalevsky

Scherzo Op. 27, No. 13   Kabalevsky

Sonatina Op.13, No. 1   Kabalevsky

Toccatina   Kabalevsky

Waltz in D minor Op. 39   Kabalevsky

Ivan Sings   Khachaturian

Bourree  Kimberger

Sonatina Op. 20, No. 1   Kuhlau

Sonatina Op. 35, No. 1   Kuhlau

Sonatina Op. 55, No. 1   Kuhlau

Malaguena   Lecuona

Libestraume No. 3   Liszt

Tarentella   Liszt

To A Wild Rose   MacDowell

Confidence Op. 19, No. 4   Mendelssohn

Elegy Op. 85, No. 4   Mendelssohn

Spanish Dance   Moszkowski

Allegro (K. 545)  W.A. Mozart

Andante in C Major   W.A. Mozart

Fantasy No. 1   W.A. Mozart

Fantasy No. 3   W.A. Mozart

Sonata K. 310   W.A. Mozart

Sonata K. 331   W.A.Mozart

The Old Castle (from Pictures at an Exhibition)   Mussorgsky

Fugue in C Major   Pachelbel

Fandango   Palmer

Tarantella   Palmer

Sleeping Time   Pinto

Run, Run !   Pinto

Prelude C Sharp minor   Rachmaninoff

Sonata No. 4 Op. 23   Rachmaninoff

Sonata No. 5 Op. 23   Rachmaninoff

Buretta   Reger

Valse Melancolique  Ribikoff

Miniature Concerto   Rowley

Gymnopedia No. 1   Satie

Sonata No. 1   Scarlatti

Sonata in G Major   Scarlatti

Valse Op. 64, No. 1  Scarlatti

Prelude No. 4   Scriabin

Prelude No. 3, op. 13  Scriabin

Ecossaise   Schubert

Scherzo in B Flat  Schubert

Waltz Noble Op. 77, No. 9   Schubert

Waltz in B Flat   Schubert

Chopin   Schumann

First Sorrow   Schumann

Merry Farmer   Schumann

Scenes from Childhood   Schumann

The Wild Horseman Op. 68 No. 8   Schumann

Traumerei   Schumann

Sonatina in C   Spindler

Bagatelle Op. 5, No. 1   Tcherepnin

Courante   Telemann

Rock of Ages   Ward

Indiana Jones March   Williams




Nocturne   Bassi    clarinet

Sonata in F minor Op. 120 No. 1   Brahms    clarinet

Premier Rhapsody   Debussy    clarinet

Concerto in A Major K.622   W.A. Mozart    clarinet

Caprice No. 24   Paganini    clarinet

Sonata   Poulenc    clarinet

Concerto in B Flat   Stamitz    clarinet

Concertino   von Weber    clarinet

Concerto in E Flat   von Weber    clarinet

Concerto in F Rondo   von Weber    clarinet

Introduktion, Thema und Variationen   von Weber    clarinet

Concerto in D Op. 27   Boccherini    flute

Concertino   Chaminade    flute

Andante in C   W.A. Mozart    flute

Concerto in D K.314   W.A. Mozart    flute

Concerto in G K.313   W.A. Mozart    flute

Concerto in G Op 29   Stamitz    flute

Sonata  Mouquet   flute

Bourre in E minor   Bach, J.S.    guitar

Pavane   Faure    guitar

Sonata No. 1   Valentine    recorder

Fantasy & Variations on Carnival   Arban    trumpet

Gigue   Corelli    trumpet

Concert Etude Op. 49   Goedicke    trumpet

Concerto in E Flat   Hummel    trumpet

Centaurus   VanderCook    baritone

Ziterall   Simon    baritone

Sonata   Eccles    alto sax

Sonata No. 3   Handel    alto sax

Histories   Ibert    alto sax

Sonata   Jacobi    alto sax

Sonata   Loeillet    alto sax

Sonata   Telemann    alto sax

Ballade   Tomasi    alto sax

Etude No. 3   Cirone    snare drum

Etude No. 23   Cirone    snare drum

Isle of the Drum  Brannock   snare drum

Single Dip Please   Davila    snare drum

Etude No. 2   Firth    snare drum

Legend of a Two-Eyed Soldier   Gadd    snare drum

The Green Machine   McCormick    snare drum

Percussion & Repercussion   Schinstine    snare drum

Space Probe   Schinstine    snare drum

Warp 7   Varner    snare drum

Tuo Kaerf   Whitlock    snare drum




Not at All in Love   Adler

Shepherd of My Heart   Baldwin/Tunney

I Got the Sun in the Morning   Berlin

Puttin’ on the Ritz   Berlin

Serenate Op. 70, No. 3   Brahms

Seben crudele   Caldara

Heart, we will forget him   Copland

There is Lady Sweet and Kind   Dello Joio

I am…I said..   Diamond

Vergin, tutto amor   Durante

Wigmung   Franz

Summertime   Gershwin

Thou, all my bliss   Giordani

Somebody   Gore

Ah! Je veux vivre   Gounod

What a difference a day made   Grever

Music and the Mirror   Hamlisch

Ombar Mai Fu   Handel

Where’er you Walk   Handel

I Don’t Want to Know   Herman

Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man   Kern/Hammerstein

My Own Space   Kleban

Old Devil Moon   Lane

You Must Believe in Spring   Legrand

Camelot   Lerner/Lowe

Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm   Loesser

Almost Like Being In Love   Loewe

Il Mio Bel Foco   Marcello

Elegie   Massenet

The Greatest Love of All   Masser

Colors of the Wind   Menken/Schwartz

Ah! Could I But Conquer Love   Milan

When Love is Kind   Moore

It was a Lover and His Lasse   Morley

Have You Seen a Whyte Lillie Grow   Morley

Ein Madchen oder Weibchen   W.A. Mozart

Vedrai, carino   W.A. Mozart

Nina   Paisiello

Se tu m’ami, se sospiri   Pergolesi

O Mio Babbino Caro   Puccini

Passing By   Purcell

A Wonderful Guy   Rodgers

Climb Every Mountain   Rodgers

I’d Rather Be Blue   Rose

Son tutta duolo   Scarlatti

I Dreamed A Dream   Schonberg

On My Own   Schonberg

Ave Maria Op. 52, No. 6   Schubert

I’ll Never Say Goodbye   Shire/Bergman

Sarting Here, Starting Now   Shire/Bergman

Take me to the World   Sondheim

Everything’s Coming Up Roses  Styne

Make Someone Happy   Styne

Tu Lo Sai   Tortelli

Ain’t Misbehavin’   Waller

Forty-Second Street   Warren

Think of Me   Webber


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